Preguntas Frecuentes

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Precio de los productos?
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¿Dónde, Puntos de venta, horarios y dirección?
Fijate nuestros puntos de venta a lo largo del país:
Puntos de venta

Which cloth sizes you work with?
We work from S to XL.

Do you ship your products?
We can ship our products to any part of the country from our online shop We use OCA EPAK as shipping courier. The product gets delievered within 3-5 working days and we only accept credit card payments.

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Have you experienced any problem?
Send us an email to and we will write you back ASAP.

Do you need to change your product?
Get to any of our shops with the product and the bag, so you can have your product changed.


I wanna buy a product, but first i wanna take a look at it, phisically.

You can come by our showroom in Palermo or look for closer shops to where you are in Shop locations

Where are the shops? When is it open? How can i get there? 

Shop locations

Which are the payment methods?
In the shop: cash and credit card (3 interest-free installments with mastercard. Other cards check Installments)

Online Shop | Shipping

How do i buy?
Watch instructional video

How does the shipping process work?
We use OCA courier services to send our products anywhere in the country, after we´ve sent your product you will recieve an emial with a code, with it, in the courier´s webpage ( you can check the current location-status of your product.

Shipping rates?
It depends on where you are. Usually between ARS$50 and ARS$90. To calculate the exact cost, you can do it from the CART section in our online shop. Free shipping for orders above ARS$1500.

How do i use a promotional code?
If you were given a promotional code, you can use it at the end of the buying process.

Which payment methods are available in your shop?
All credit cards, visa, american, mastercard, nativa, tarjeta shopping, caval.

Cloth size?
You should find them in the description in every product. You better check them out and compare them with any cloth you already own, never take it for granted!